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Common Concerns When Contemplating Divorce Lawyer, Diamond Bar CityCommon Concerns People Have When Contemplating A Divorce

When clients come to me, they bring various concerns when contemplating divorce in California. These concerns are usually unique to their specific situation. Nevertheless, there are some common themes I have observed over the years.

Unfortunately, many people hold misconceptions about the divorce process, leading them to assume it is easy that can be handled without a lawyer. As such, many people often attempt to represent themselves in court. This approach of self-representing is often built on misunderstandings about what constitutes community property, how assets and debts are distributed, and how retirement accounts and pensions are divided. As a result, many face more difficult cases than would have been the case had they partnered with a family lawyer.

Clients also have questions about how assets and debts are characterized based on their actions during the marriage. As a family lawyer, I work closely with clients to address their concerns and provide guidance on how to navigate the divorce process with confidence and clarity.

Common Misconceptions About Divorce

The most common misconceptions about divorce. Oh, how I wish there was only one! After practicing for over a decade, I have realized that there are not common misconceptions. Instead, the misconceptions vary because they tend to be shaped by each individual’s priorities and concerns. For example, someone nearing retirement is likely more concerned with how their pension or retirement account will be divided. It is not uncommon for people to discuss issues involving divorce and form misconceptions from inaccurate information heard from friends, colleagues or relatives.

In practicing law for over a decade, I have realized that are many misconceptions about the characterization of community property assets, with some assuming that separate accounts will remain separate after a divorce. However, there are overarching principles that determine what constitutes community property. Other misconceptions involve important questions about the date of separation and its significance in family law, as well as issues related to child support, child custody, and spousal support.

Another significant misconception surrounds prenuptial agreements, with people believing that they are only for the wealthy. As a family lawyer, I often encounter these misconceptions and work to educate clients about the realities of the divorce process and their legal rights and obligations.

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