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Many firms in the Diamond Bar, CA area make their areas of practice seem unattainable and overwhelming for their clients. At Apex Lawyers Inc., that is not the case. Since the matters of family law, personal injury, employment law, and civil litigation that we so often assist our clients with are some of the most challenging parts of their lives, our goal is to ensure they are kept in the loop and up to speed at every step of the way. From family law and personal injury to employment law and civil litigation, finding the best attorney for your needs is essential.

It is also crucial to find a law firm that treats their clients with a personal touch, unlike many large firms who pass clients around from meeting to meeting, where they and their legal needs are reduced to a number in their system. With personalized services and the knowledge and experience to provide the pinnacle of legal service available in Diamond Bar, CA, Apex Lawyers Inc. has your back whether a divorce may loom on the horizon or if you believe you have been wrongfully terminated from your job. With the help of an attorney with experience from litigating issues in court to settling matters in a mediated discussion, you can rest assured that whatever your needs, attorney Shazad Z. Omar will have the resources and experience to help you reach your legal goals and a favorable outcome.

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Clients are
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Why Apex Lawyers Inc.?


Apex Lawyers Inc.
Legal dilemmas are often highly personal and sensitive subjects for our clients, which we take the utmost consideration for. Therefore, it is vital to find a law firm in your area that you can trust and feel a good sense of communication with. This is why we take pride in ensuring our clients are kept up to date on all matters relating to their case as they occur and keep them involved in every decision along the way.

At other firms, this is not the case. You may be passed around from attorney to attorney each time you visit the firm and get a different person every time you call. At Apex Lawyers Inc., we take pride in the personal attention afforded to each client who seeks our assistance and do our best to ensure they are made comfortable at each stage along the way.

However, the first step for any situation is contacting our office and scheduling an initial consultation. During this discussion, we can go over your unique circumstances, the goals you have surrounding them, and the possible options available to proceed on the path to success. It is always best to ensure you are well equipped and well informed in the face of a legal dilemma, especially if the chance for litigation is present. So, don’t hesitate to call Apex Lawyers Inc. to get started today!

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Family Law

From prenuptial agreements to divorce, the range of topics covered by family law spans wide and encompasses many of the most challenging and emotionally charged topics clients may face. Not to mention, when seeking support with matters like divorce or even same-sex marriage, it can be challenging to know who to trust with such important events in one's life. However, with the right family law attorney, many of these reservations can be put to rest, allowing you to focus on what matters most-your family.

Since there are so many ramifications of divorce, even with the possible inclusion of any prenuptial or postnuptial agreements, seeking the help of a professional when navigating the process is paramount when seeking a favorable outcome. Especially in cases where an opposing party is involved and equipped with an attorney, you will begin at a disadvantage without your own support.

For example, if there are children involved in a divorce and custody agreements have not been reached, hiring an attorney can help reveal some of the alternative solutions available to sort the matter out as efficiently and as painlessly as possible. While it is always an option to take the issue to litigation and let the court decide, other measures like negotiations and mediation can streamline the process.

In many family law matters, it is crucial to realize that while litigation remains an option, and allowing the judge to make a final ruling on the matters that cannot be agreed upon can always be utilized, this scenario often leads to one of the parties getting almost none of what they want. Alternatively, if the parties involved can use collaborative strategies facilitated by the best family law firm in the Diamond Bar area, many of the decisions that would require long, frustrating, and drawn-out court battles can potentially be solved without even stepping foot in the courtroom.

At Apex Lawyers Inc., we have a passion for helping clients navigate the often muddy and complicated waters of resolving their family law dilemmas. With years of experience helping countless clients realize results that they hoped for, you can rest assured that you will find not only the professional services and resources to help you resolve your case but the compassionate and personal touch that makes our firm stand out against the rest in Diamond Bar, California. So call today to schedule an initial consultation and get started!

Personal Injury

Being involved in an accident or any other traumatic event resulting in personal injury of any severity can disrupt many parts of your life. From auto accidents to dog bites and slip and fall accidents, ensuring you get the recovery you deserve is paramount. Especially since even some of the most minor accidents can result in tremendous medical bills, seeking not only physical healing but financial recovery as well can make a significant difference when getting better and starting the next chapter of your life.

By working with an experienced and seasoned personal injury law firm with knowledge of Diamond Bar, CA's local procedures and regulations, you can help ensure that even minor mistakes can be avoided and don't have the chance to derail or devalue your case altogether. Since insurance companies will fight tooth and nail to ensure they hold onto as much money as possible, equipping yourself with the best personal injury attorney possible can mean the difference in making or breaking your case.

Civil Litigation

Civil litigation can span a wide range of topics and can encompass anything from property disputes to employment law issues and even into whistleblowing matters. However, the issues mentioned above can have widespread implications on your life, and while the option to represent yourself during court proceedings is an option, having a seasoned litigator by your side to fight for your rights can make all the difference.

So, from employment concerns like wrongful termination or whistleblowing to property disputes and contract drafting and breach, Apex Lawyers Inc. is your one-stop-shop. Like family law, entering into a situation with the best foundation for success laid previously to litigation is the key to success. With the resources and experience available and the history of success and favorable results to prove it, look no further for your civil litigation resource in Diamond Bar, CA.

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Attorneys Shazad Z. Omar will have the resources and experience to help you reach your legal goals and a favorable outcome.

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